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Yoga by the Pool

I have been taking Emily's yoga classes for the last 6 months. They are approachable for beginners with modifications and options, while still challenging for experienced yogis. I appreciate that she doesn't just teach the asanas, but all aspects of yoga including pranayama and mindfulness. It's a complete body and spirit practice when you take her classes.

Shannon Rapuano

"As a Masters swimmer, it seems like there are some predictable pains, tightness and inflexibility that comes with the sport. Yoga with Emily has helped me work through those areas in my body that need more attention so that when I'm in the pool, swimming is more fluid, more relaxed, and more powerful. She's very deliberate about bringing the poses that will be truly beneficial to the swimmer's body and I appreciate that so much."

Joy Archer

"I love Emily and attending her yoga classes a few times a week. Her exceptionally strong, calm, warm and bright presence feels great from the moment you meet her. What I value the most is her insight on how to befriend our mind and life, her unhurried pace, selection of music, skillful sequencing and clear flow of direction. I'm definitely enjoying my increased flexibility, strength, spaciousness and peace and am looking forward to growing it with you."

Gisele Fitch

“I've been in many of Emily's classes over the past year and have benefitted from her approach to yoga at each and every session She teaches with great clarity and an even greater sense of purpose to create a mood of both relaxation and challenge--for beginners as well as for long-time yoga practitioners like me. Emily is a true yogi, serene, conscious of others, and full of good will.”

Silvia Torres

“Emily is a gifted teacher and guide. Her classes call forth physical awareness, mental clarity and most of all a joyous heart. I tend to leave feeling that "all is well, will be well and has always been well." (In addition to being an AWESOME human, Did you know she is an Olympic Silver medalist? What a gift to learn from an elite athlete who has the wisdom of that journey, right?)”

Jeaneen Schmidt

"This is the perfect complement to my swimming regimen! Emily keeps us moving through all the stretch and strength positions with clear instructions. I really enjoy it!"

Amy Phillips

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